How much lumen do the LEDs produce?

The LEDs produce a maximum of 460 lumen on the highest setting. On the lowest setting you get 200 lumens of light.

What’s the impact of dimming the light on the lumen light output?

Each step decreases the light output with 20 lumen.

Do the LEDs emit a special color of white light?

The LED light color is 6400K. This corresponds to the color of lighting in work environments such as factories and offices.

How long will the batteries last?

The battery works at full capacity slightly over 5 hours. At the lowest light power level the battery works about 80 hours.
For LightVests with a red tail light, the useful life is slightly shorter. Over time, the battery life will be shorter, because of natural wear and tear.

What is the impact dimming the LEDs on the usage time?

Every light power increase, increases the operating time approximately 2 hours.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The batteries are fully charged after about 3 hours.

What happens if a short circuit occurs in the LightVest?

The batteries are fully protected against various external influences, such as short circuit. The batteries will automatically shut itself down.

You can reset the batteries?

The batteries can be reset by charging them.

Can you use a different charger than supplied?

No that is not allowed, and is very serious discouraged. LightVest chargers are designed for charging Lithium Ion Polymer batteries. Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries place high demands on the chargers. Using other chargers, then those by LightVest supplied chargers, can lead to life-threatening situations.

How often can you charge the battery?

The battery can be recharged up to 500 times. See wikipedia.

Is the LightVest waterproof?

The LightVest is not waterproof. The LED strips are water spray resistant, according to the IP68 standard. We have done our best to design the vest so that LightVest will continue to operate in most weather conditions with some ambient humidity.

Can you wash the Light Vest?

The LightVest can not be washed. Clean with mild detergent is possible, however. Be sparing with the use of fluids and mechanical forces.